NC Pictures

Our team created a website for NC Pictures, incorporating a refreshed brand image that showcases the breathtaking photography and expertise of the photographer in the real estate sector. To enhance the user experience, we included an online booking form equipped with a pricing calculator for packages, making the selection process effortless.


NC Pictures






28 days


Transform your website and establish a professional online presence with our redesign services. Add a real estate photography package estimator that provides comprehensive package details. Focus on SEO to rank higher on google search.


Our team utilized the power of next.js, a React framework, to build a website optimized for improved SEO visibility. Artistic animations were added to enhance the visual appeal. The best techniques were employed to seamlessly incorporate images, ensuring fast load times even for an image-intensive website. To enhance the user experience, a cost calculator was also integrated, allowing users to calculate charges before placing an order.


Our team successfully transformed a website to enhance its online presence. Through the integration of a cost calculator and a sleek, modern design, we created a platform that the client can be proud of. Utilizing the latest technologies and techniques, the website boasts improved SEO visibility and faster load times, making it easier for users to navigate and access the information they need. The end result was a tool that exceeded expectations and delivered a truly exceptional online experience.

ncpictures website
ncpictures website
ncpictures website
ncpictures website
ncpictures website


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