Our past projects that we passionately built


Built a learning management system (LMS) for the students seeking a career in a pharmacy profession. Pharmxellence is an online tutoring institute that provides mentoring for the Canadian Pharmacy License Exam.

  • Built a system where students can take online exams having multiple-choice questions. Score calculation at the end of every exam.

  • Leveraged the latest technology such as React, NextJs and NodeJs. Securing the data using MongoDB (a database)

  • Payment integration using stripe for secure and fast payments.

  • An email notification with receipts to all the users upon successful enrollment.

  • Added a robust role-based authentication system.

  • SEO: Ranking on the first page of google. For a few keywords such as PEBC Canada, PEBC Calgary - First link on google search page driving huge traffic.

  • SEO: Overall SEO score above 90.

  • Digital Marketing: Performing digital marketing and creating backlinks creation to sustain the page ranking.

  • Lighthouse score: Overall score above 95%

Pharmxellence portal