Our past projects that we passionately built

Yellow Basket Delivery

Yellow basket delivery is an online delivery portal that provides delivery services in Calgary and surrounding areas. We built a portal for them where users can place an order to get their orders delivered.

  • Built a portal to submit an online order for delivery.

  • Added features of auto-completing addresses and distance calculations using google libraries, pricing based on the distance, and SMS notification on successful placement of order.

  • Ability to get the list of orders at the end of the month for reconciliation.

  • Auto-fetching feature for the already enrolled customers.

  • Ongoing hosting and maintenance of the portal.

  • Logo designed through a professional logo designer.

  • Built with the latest technologies such as NextJs and MongoDB (a database).

  • Digital Marketing: Performing digital marketing and creating backlinks creation to sustain the page ranking.

  • Lighthouse score: Overall score above 95%

Yellow basket delivery portal